Art Direction, UX & UI Design

Wealth Management

Project Overview : Wealth Management

This wealth management app keeps our client's customers close to their investments, and ensures that they will always have the insights and analysis whenever and wherever they need it. This app was awarded "Most Innovative Digital Offering" in 2015 by Private Banker International.

The overall look and feel of this app is following strictly from client's internal branding department. And we created the own style guide for both mobile and tablet versions. Everything should be clean, neat and professional, with use of spacings within elements.


Lead and oversee the art direction & UI design, and make sure they are following exactly the internal style guide of client's branding. Participate in User Research workshops and also studied the Usabilities Testing (videos) to iterate the design based on actual users' feedbacks. Worked very closely with China developers regarding the proper use of style guide, design specificatoins and the implementation of micro-interactions.


There are some big challenges from this project, here are two of those:

1. Change from black color version to white version in two weeks and we started from re-designing the overall UX and UI. Luckily we made it.

2. When the project was getting steady and everything were on-time delivered, there is a big change on the overall structure (IA) which affected the overall architechture of both iPad and iPhone Apps. Fortunately we still managed to deliver high quality outcomes.

Usability Testing & Findings

After the prototype is created, we arranged some user testing workshop (real users) to give us feedbacks in terms of usability. What we found out from the testing are very constrcutive and helped us to shape the final products lean towards the actual users.

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