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Project Overview : MaskOFF

When we worked in STAKK Factory last year (2016), the team were asked to create something (possibly an app) based on a highly engaged video on our Facebook page, which was talking about relationship with strangers.

After rounds of research and analysis (competitive analysis), we come up with an idea of creating a dating app but with something different. We focus on Hong Kong millenniums (age 18-24) as our main target audiences.

We follow the design thinking of NN Group (shown below) and worked in two-week Sprints.

User Testing, Wireframes & Prototypes

We have the idea of creating a dating app but don't know how our users react to it, so we invited some highly engaged users (we choose them based on our FB page data) to our office and do the 1-1 interview. After rounds of feedbacks and we think it is quite positive for us to move on and create some initial wireframes and prototypes.

Usability Testing & Ideate

Based on what we created for the MVP, we prepared consents and documents that will be used for testing. Within the Innovation Team, we selected one person to be the observer and the other person for facilitator and we tried to rotate with all the team members so that everyone will be familiar with the process and knows how important it is for the product. Due to limited resources and time constraints, we haven't run the pilot test. Fortunately the testing runs smooth and don't have any big obstacles during the sections.

Design & Development

After we recevied the feedbacks from our users, the whole team will re-group to discuss and prioritise the features of the app. We then worked on creating the personas, user stories, wireframes and high-fidelity visual design, prototypes (Invision) and interative specs. My team (UX Design Team) will talk to the DEV team to make sure we are on the same page before they started any coding. That is a pretty good working methodology for both teams.

Quality Assurance & Launch

Before submission of the updates to App Store and Google Play, we have QA session for each Sprint which all the team members will invovle to perform the quality assurance testing together to make sure we have 90% confidence level to submit. After the QA session we will re-group and discuss if there is any big obstacles which may affect the app submission.

Lucky Achievements

We were very lucky that MaskOFF had been featured on App Store (Screenshot below), back to Mar 2017. As the team are very young, working on a new product and still finding the best solutions for our users, we were thrilled to have the lucky surprised from Apple.

Goodbye MaskOFF

We had a good journey in creating an amazing app, with a group of very, very passionate young professionals. We have lots of crazy ideas and we are able to bring it to our users, that is truely amazing. Even though the product ending is not what we want to happen (it is bad actually...), but I strongly believe this group of talents will have a bright future in creating something amazing for people. And the sadest thing is MaskOFF just being taken off from App Store and Google Play Store.

And the sadest thing is MaskOFF just being taken off from App Store and Google Play Store.

Goodbye MaskOFF! I love this journey and will keep this passion to my next destination!

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