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Fashion Spots

Project Overview - Fashion Spots

One of the main features is that users can always look for fashion products, either it is a photo and upload to the app, or it is from a streaming video - a fashion runway from Burberry as an example, and users can crop the products they want, upload to the app, and it will find the most related products to the users. It creates a huge opportunities for any users to buy at any time, anywhere and anything related to fashion products.

Improvements of User Flows

Before the big revamp, the whole user experiences are bad and doesn't make sense. The first thing we did was quickly jump start on the user interface design (Yes, we totally skipped the planning and wireframes) because we have only two days to turnaround the whole things. I started by drawing out the new homepage (shown below: Hand-Drawn Wireframe) and started rolling the ball. After rounds of reviews and we come out a solid user flow (shown below: User Flow - Check Out) and is approved to keep working on the rest of the screens.

Visual Improvement & Lean UX Approach

Regarding the overall look & feel, the previous design is outdated, bad use of black & white color combination. The first thing I did is to use white as the main color with black text, this is to emphasis the products and celebrities information for clean and easy navigation. I also used some icons at the top menu which makes it easier for users to find the categories.

From the business goals of a startup, we want to push the product as rapidly as we can so Lean UX will be more appropiate for this purpose. We will see if there is a market demands first and will keep building features based on customer needs and feedbacks.


As a UX and Visual Design Lead of this project, I need to create simple hand-drawn wireframes, detailed user-flows and visual design. Apart from that I also need to include a simple but detail style guide for the whole app (pretty easy by using Sketch plug-in).

The latest versions of the app is on AppStore and Google Play already.

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