Art Direction, Visual Design & UX consulting


Project Overview - DFS

Client wanted to revamp their whole digital experiences in re-designing, by applying better UX approach and visual designs to all digital touch points, while at the same time, maintaing a strong and consistent DFS branding in all social media platforms, ad-banners and eDMs.

Creative Concept Development - Ad Banners

Client provides us the sources file with layers and we re-create marketing campagin ad banners (shows two exmaples below) for DFS homepage, social medias(Facebook, Instagram, Weibo, YouTube, Youku), SEO results, and all the other digital presence.

Carosuel Creative Concepts

We created a lot of carosuel banners for those partners from DFS, including some prmieum beauty brands and luxury brands, in which they will put the latest marketing campagin to promote by utilizing this homepage banner.

Minisite - Master of Time

Client wanted to have different marketing campaigns to promote the KOL of certain products and there comes the concept in creating different minisites (one-pager) to act as the landing page from, for example, eDM click-throughs or other social media click-throughs.


Responsible for all the digital design, which includes mini-sites,,, Social Media (Youku, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram), SEO imagery, ad-banners, eDMs and some other ad-hoc projects.

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