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Customer Portal

Project Overview - Customer Portal

Client wanted to have an online application to help their customer service team to handle the huge volume of customer requests everyday. Apart from that, client also want to engage more to customers by knowing about their betting habits, so as to create more potential revenue.


As the Art Director and visual design lead to oversee the whole application design from start to finish. Participate in UX consultation and User Testing to make sure the user flows and wireframes makes sense. Also we worked very closely with China developers regarding the use of style guide, visual specificatoins and the implementation of micro-interactions.


The wireframes are always changing when we are working on the visual design, some of the work are duplicated, which in turn, double the work load.

Apart from that, my team only has myself to be the visual design lead, and I am also the one to work on the overall art direction, visual design, specs and style guide. That's a big challenge but lunckily we successfully gone through that.

The offical website targets to be launched by this year.

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